whats on tv;

nothing. absolutely nothing. not when you get up at half 8 in the morning anyways. i literally scanned the channels all morning not finding anything worth watching, apart from frasier maybe but even then that got boring. (sorry frasier)
then i clicked onto the music channels which to put it simply were disgusting. there's no good music out at all at the moment, not pop stuff that gets played on tv anyways. there was an arctic monkeys song, i dunno if its new or not, it was ok like, never really been a big fan of theres, think they're sorta hoggin the zutons sound a bit now though. but then after that one okish song, nothing. honestly, i had to sit and watch a madina lake video, just so i could see which band it was at the end, and i can honestly say if you like that band, you are wrong in the head. they're just the weirdest most awful looking band i've ever watched or heard. the next best thing on was george michael, but i'm hardly in the mood for a bit of george. anyways i gave in in the end and decided to read. then the neighbour started playing r'n'b, and kids on the other side started screamin, honestly it was like being back at fairfield. i came home hoping to get some peace and quiet, i've hardly had any.

john mayer is improving my life a lot lately, if you haven't heard of him/listened to his stuff i suggest you do, you might as well check him out. if you're into blues/acoustic? honestly i think the mans a legend and i'm really loving his music, best tracks are 'gravity' 'slow dancing in a burning room' and 'stop this train'

looking back;

that blog has played on my mind for days.

tonight has been awful.
liverpool are a disgrace, that's our season well and truly over.
i'm bored of uni and this whole exhibition thing.
ah i don't even know.
back to winch tomorrow, can't wait to have a coffee in west cornwall (pasty shop)

when i was younger i used to go to my nan and grandads on a sunday
after lunch an ice cream van would go around the square outside
they were sold by a man named badgy
last week 4 boys drove into the square in a car
they pulled out a gun on badgy and told him to get them the money and the cigarettes


OK if you've made it this far then thank you for visiting my blog and i hope you enjoy what you read. there's sort of no point in my writing this thing unless people come and take a look, have a short read, and what i would love is to get some sort of feedback, positive or negative, all is welcome.

few things I'd like to discuss in the blog, some touchy areas as well. the first is the KKK.

i just watched a programme on natgeo conveniently titled 'Ku Klux Klan.' basically, i knew what i was in for, i knew the programme was going to get me angry, full of hatred, and was going to start this chain of thoughts of events that will fill my mind for the coming days, but meh, who cares lets just watch the damn thing. i want to say now loud and clear (as loud as i can get) if you are a racist, if you believe in any of the things that they're about, if you like who they are, if you are a ''skinhead'', or class yourself as a Nazi, then i don't want to know you, and as far as i am concerned you are a sick human being who should be locked away. forget democracy and a freedom of speech, you are a mindless confused idiot that has had a poor upbringing, a poor education, and now want to spread your filth onto good humble citizens. forget your rallies and your marches, you don't deserve any kind of stage where you can spread your hate. if there's one thing on this planet that i hate most it is your kind of people, you scumbag racists. we can bring this closer to home and take a look at the bnp. once again, uneducated idiots who don't even want to take into consideration that you might have actually descended from a non-white background. like that matters anyway. what is wrong with you people that think a white man/woman is superior. this is the year 2010 for Christ's sake, seriously you need to open your god damn eyes. sorry for my blasphemy by the way but I'm trying my hardest not to swear. the bnp believe that Britain should be for British people, they put on a front that all that they want to do is to shut the door to immigration, focus on the British people, and keep Britain what it is. but what is it? what was it? why are you so afraid of culture? they want a white country. which means every non-white then has to leave, or god forbid would be punished or enslaved. this is absolutely disgraceful and I'm sick of it. you can forget about democracy because these people are idiots. and i believe that i have the right to call them idiots.

i'll look back over that ^ in a few weeks probably and think 'oh i should have said this' or worded things differently, but that is how it is at this moment in time. i think i've made myself clear. i would also just like to say, if you are reading this, and you have me added on facebook or any other networking sites, and you believe in any 'racist' organisation, either message me to discuss your opinions (for which i would be grateful to have a discussion) or simply delete me from your friend list.

the second thing I'd like to discuss is slightly, only slightly, less heated. it's over this recent news of Jamie Bulger's killer Jon Venebles being sent back to jail, and the question of whether or not the breach of his terms of release should be made public. do the public have the right to know what Jon Venebles has done, and how long he is back in jail for. my answer is yes they do. i say this for a number of reasons. i think first of all Jamie's parents undoubtedly have the right to know. as far as i am concerned, i believe that these killers are sick people. i believed it then and i still believe it. to me it is not a question of whether or not they knew what they we're doing, of course they didn't fully understand, but they still knew that they we're taking a life, or causing a grievous amount of bodily harm. these boys should have been given life sentences and they should have never walked free. the fact that we pay to house them, then fund new identities is wrong. Jamie's parents should get what they want. the public are concerned. i personally want to know how long Venebles will be back in prison for, simply because i believe he is back where he belongs, and i hope he will remain there now for the rest of his life. it is said that his breach may have been the smallest of criminality's, but to me, that is not the question. he has broken the rules, however small, so in my eyes, he hasn't learnt, and he should go back to jail. another important point i would like to make is that if the courts where never planning on releasing details about Venebles' breach, then why say anything at all. by bringing this whole thing up again, it feels almost as bad as 1993. it will cause problems in jails because any new inmates that come into the prison could well be Venebles. the inmates will be aware of what has gone on and an innocent (but still criminal) person could be wrongly accused. god only knows what it has put Jamie's family through again, and it has caused this whole stir in the media and in the courts that will not be settled, probably until the details of his breach are released to the public. people are angry over this, and they will fight for the answers.

the last thing i would like to discuss is tonights Question Time. having just watched the show (in which the Bulger question came up) i would just like to voice my dis likening of Boris Johnson. i think the man waffles on and on about rubbish and i would like to congratulate him on turning me further and further away from the Tories. i am looking forward to the televised debates, i think they are a great idea, and as they said, a great opportunity for the Lib Dem's to be sat as they should be beside the Conservatives and the Labour party. it is a shame that the smaller parties, particularly the Green party, weren't given the opportunity. I'd also like to say that i am a fan of will self, but people don't half suck up to him at times.

thanks for reading, any comments/questions please feel free to ask. apologies if anyone has been offended by my views/opinions, but this is a blog after all.

for other reasons i would just like to state that my opinions of the outcome of the bulger trial are purely personal, and i do not wish to spread any kind of hate or negativity towards any of the families involved. it was a horrific tragedy that changed so many peoples life's. similar to columbine, the question of who is to blame crops up time and time again. the family cannot be blamed, and i have an open heart to every human on this planet. i wish for a similar respect.