Bills, Brighton;

Bills, Brighton;, originally uploaded by Mark McKenny.

shot of bill's, in brighton, a nice place! brightons answer to the egg i recon. but the egg does nicer food i recon. the eggs one of the best things about liverpool, definately in the top 5, should go there while im back.


sweet, my picture got chose for schmap, which is only an online map thing, but its still good to have my name on a website somewhere, well done flickr!,-2.99713&bottomright=53.40201,-2.99411&i=125996_5.jpg

museum of liverpool life link!

My Room (Need To Tidy)

My Room (Need To Tidy), originally uploaded by Mark McKenny.

hey all, its been a long time, i think my last post was in october, which is awful when you think about it. nothing major has happened in my life. uni is going alright. just alright. its not amazing, but its not awful. im just looking forward to second year. having my own space, and doing some painting, i havnt picked up a paint brush since i've been here.

above is what ive been doing the past few weeks. just taking pictures, wandering round, and taking pictures. and to be honest, i love doing that. the best days ive had since getting to uni have been when i've got up and just done my own thing all day. anyways i learnt how to process images, using a HDR (high dynamic range) its pretty fun, and an effective approach to photography, so ive just been havin a go at that. and i decided a way to make me post on this thing more, is it i post my flickr uploads to it, so ill be doing that from time to time.

its christmas anyways, well, its the 13th of december, which means i go to see stereophonics in 3 days :) n then i travel back home to liverpool on the 18th. im really lookin forward to both things. but i just wish i was going back home to a nicer city other than liverpool. i love christmas though, i love sitting around with my family, and eating nuts and drinking beer and watching all the soaps. i think the soaps are the best thing.

some people go on holiday for christmas. i was speaking to a girl from uni who's going to brazil over christmas. i've never done that, n i dunno if i would. i think its nice to be at home during christmas. thats sorta the whole point of it isnt it? maybe im just small town :)

anyways, here's my first picture upload, it'd be great it you could give me some feedback. x


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.