Bills, Brighton;

Bills, Brighton;, originally uploaded by Mark McKenny.

shot of bill's, in brighton, a nice place! brightons answer to the egg i recon. but the egg does nicer food i recon. the eggs one of the best things about liverpool, definately in the top 5, should go there while im back.


sweet, my picture got chose for schmap, which is only an online map thing, but its still good to have my name on a website somewhere, well done flickr!,-2.99713&bottomright=53.40201,-2.99411&i=125996_5.jpg

museum of liverpool life link!

My Room (Need To Tidy)

My Room (Need To Tidy), originally uploaded by Mark McKenny.

hey all, its been a long time, i think my last post was in october, which is awful when you think about it. nothing major has happened in my life. uni is going alright. just alright. its not amazing, but its not awful. im just looking forward to second year. having my own space, and doing some painting, i havnt picked up a paint brush since i've been here.

above is what ive been doing the past few weeks. just taking pictures, wandering round, and taking pictures. and to be honest, i love doing that. the best days ive had since getting to uni have been when i've got up and just done my own thing all day. anyways i learnt how to process images, using a HDR (high dynamic range) its pretty fun, and an effective approach to photography, so ive just been havin a go at that. and i decided a way to make me post on this thing more, is it i post my flickr uploads to it, so ill be doing that from time to time.

its christmas anyways, well, its the 13th of december, which means i go to see stereophonics in 3 days :) n then i travel back home to liverpool on the 18th. im really lookin forward to both things. but i just wish i was going back home to a nicer city other than liverpool. i love christmas though, i love sitting around with my family, and eating nuts and drinking beer and watching all the soaps. i think the soaps are the best thing.

some people go on holiday for christmas. i was speaking to a girl from uni who's going to brazil over christmas. i've never done that, n i dunno if i would. i think its nice to be at home during christmas. thats sorta the whole point of it isnt it? maybe im just small town :)

anyways, here's my first picture upload, it'd be great it you could give me some feedback. x


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

windsor castle;

the news is rubbish today. nothing good happening. i have the bbc site as my homepage, and i like going on and seeing whats going on in the world today, but there's nothing good today. just stuff about the stock market, which doesnt really interest me. it should do, cause i know it will effect me, but i dont understand it all. maybe i should learn. i do know that the stock market collapsed in america in 1929 i think. learnt that in some lecture the other day. i remember it now, but will i remember that in like 20 years time? its like french, i knew loads when i was at school, but i only know a few words now.

i think if your going to learn a language, you should visit the country for a few months, and then your forced to speak it, so you'll get better. even thought i hardly knew any french, when i went to paris, i started to remember all these words and sentences, so by the end of the week, i was able to ask for a pint of beer please, and then say thank you. simple stuff i know, but the man behind the bar was very impressed and said tres bien (very good) i think i tipped him.

i started to learn german a few weeks ago, but like everything else, i lost my interest a little, and havnt learnt any new words in the past month or so. i hate the way im like that. i have a short attention span sometimes, or is it a long one? cause im writing this blog now, and there's nothing else i want to do. i think thats cause im a bit bored though. there's nothing to do in uni. but with long term things, like paintings for example, i dont think a painting should take you more than a week. im not really into photorealism, so i like to paint really fast and messy, but sometimes i still slow down and end up spending ages on one part.

im off to windsor tonight to stay with my auntie and uncle, and ofcorse little dave the dog. it used to be called curtis but my uncle changed his name to dave. ive heard that dogs dont really know what your saying, its just the tone of your voice that they recognise, but curtis is different to dave, so he must have been confused for a bit. he's one of those dogs that humps everything. i think dogs are more horny because they dont wear pants. if every human walked around naked, there'd be more sex probably. just a guess.

one camera one tripod;

i cant explain the title for this blog. it just came into my head. i think its amazing how the mind works sometimes. like all these thoughts we have in our little head. but some people speak their thoughts.. constantly. i thought my mum was bad but then i met another person who done it none stop. i dont see the need to talk sometimes. i can quite happily sit there in silence with someone, and not feel uncomfortable. i think it was on pulp fiction, were the guy says 'thats when you know you've found someone special, when the pair of you can just sit there and shut the fuck up for a few seconds, and not feel uncomfortable' this was one of my favourite parts of the film, as well as the bit were he shoots that guy in the car. think his names marvin.

i like how the mind makes connections aswell. associations. when i typed marvin, my brain said 'starvin marvin' which is a character off a south park episode. i think it could go on for ever. i could play the word association game with myself for days. i think im quite good at that game, but sometimes people dont know what i mean by my associations. cause they really make sense to me, but other people are just like what?

im sitting in my studio space. just me and one other guy called tom, nice chap. i'm doing some thing tomorrow or friday were im gonna see how long i can sit in a 1m sqaure cardboard box for. its for my project. im looking forward to it cause its gonna be a big test to see how long i can last. if i can, id like to last 9 til 5. but we'll see. im not gonna eat or take music in or my phone. just me, the box, and a black marker pen so i can draw on the inside of the box. i dont want people to think im weird, or like tryna be proper different by doing somethin like this. i just like experimenting. and it will be good cause i can say to people in a pub 'whats the longest youve ever sat in a box for?' n then when they say i dunno, i can tell them how long i lasted.

the willow tree;

well, well, well; hello. its been a while. ive been in winchester 2 weeks and one day now, and its still going nicely :) ive had such a good day today. didnt get up til about half 12, an then me n rob went to take pictures for my project around winchester. we tried to find a quicker way back to our halls but we had no luck. but the sun was shining, the ducks were out, the mothers were with their kids in the playground, it was all just really nice.

we stopped off in a pub on the way back called 'the willow tree.' it was so nice and peaceful in there. we were gona get food but it was like a tennar for a meal, so we just got a drink. but the beer garden went like all the way down to a point in the grass, and you were sat between two streams, which were full off ducks. n it was nice cause rob phoned his mate, n i just sat there and took in everything around me. i watched a little bird tweet for ages, and i was tryna listen for a reply cause it seemed to be shouting for its mate, but i couldnt hear one. n then far in the distance i noticed a kestral or something just hovering about.

i watched these two ducks for a while aswell, and it was amazing. like its amazing to think that ducks fall in love and probably stay with each other all the time until they die. animals are so alike to humans. i hate people who mistreat animals. even nature. kids that rip up flowers. well parents that allow their kids to pick up flowers. really pisses me off. everythings alive. even books. i remember someone told me that, and ive believed it since.

ive been living off rubbish food really, but its gettin healthier. i keep just having jacket potatoes, and we discovered that our special oven microwaves actually work. so alot of pizza's been goin down. i havn't really been out into town that much. just been having nice nights in. few beers, maybe a film. i watched a film the other night with rob called TARNATION. if you havnt seen it, watch it now, its amazing, and its still on my head.

this is long, i promise ill keep this blog up to date;

didn't even get to one;

but im here, and its sweet. got here yesterday. unpacked an that, said goodbye to my parents, which when better then i expected really. i hate saying goodbyes to people. my sister cried when i said goodbye to her in my house, and she nearly got me going, but i held it back. but it was ok with my parents cause there was just so much stuff to do. so once theyd gone, i came back to my room, and began to unpack. and now, i can safely say, my room is proper sweet. its like my front room at home, just everything i need in one small space, even got a window with a nice view and the occasional rabbit grazing in the grass.

just been out then like, home already though. i was in one of those moods were you just cant/dont wanna get drunk. im always in those moods. and a girl ive been speaking to was a bit drunk, and didnt feel to good, so me n her and another girl walked back here n just went to bed like. i quite like being in my room. i dont really think ill get lonely in here, i have too much stuff to entertain me.

i have my first day at uni tomorrow, so im excited about that. happy that i didnt really stay out late tonight cause of that reason aswell. didnt wanna feel like crap on my first day of uni. anyways, so far so good. it still all feels like a holiday. like it feels as if in a week ill be back at home or something, but no no, im here. it'll sink in one day.

everton 0 - 2 liverpool......... sweet ;)

2 + 2 = 5;

im surprised they didnt get sued for naming the song that, but its an interesting idea. cause like i know 2 does actually equal 2, but who's the say that? its like that whole thing of 'ohhh fu#! the rules, anarchyy!' im not really into all that stuff. i think punk died a long time ago, dont see why people are tryna bring it back, leave it in the past.

went to town today to say my goodbyes to a few mates. was nice like. there were loads of police in lime street station, n a few of them had guns. normal police men must get pissed off cause they only get a little can of pepper spray, n maybe a batton? but these guys had full on mp5's or something. i was tryna see what gun it was, tryna recognise it off call of duty, but i had no luck. i felt a bit weird standin in the station aswell cause i had this big tube thing and it looked a bit suspicious. but no1 questioned me about it so i was alright.

anyways, its 2 days away now, well one, cause its gona past midnight. im gettin a bit scared now. not scared, just like, its hard to describe. sorta feel like when its comin up to christmas, like the night before. and your so excited, but your sad aswell. cause you know the day after 2moro, christmas will have been and gone. well it will be boxing day. i actually prefer boxing day. its much more relaxed, just feels nicer. the tvs normally alrite aswell. cause all the mad stuff happens on the saturday in the soaps, n you go to bed thinkin 'aww whats goin on?' n then it all gets resolved on the boxing day. the only soap i watch now is eastenders really. dunno why. it just seems to be the best one on.

three; three; three;

cant believe its only 3 days away. come on come on, lets just get rid of em an let me be there!! no offence to people like, but ive just been waiting for months to get there, an now its only 3 days away its just teasin me.

just been for a nice family meal at some carvery place. i like carveries cause im the type of person who wants his plate to be too full, rather than too little. i hate it when you only get small portions. at my uncles wedding they had those canopy things or however ya say it, n they were nice like, but too small. they also had that drink that you put all the bits of fruit with. cant remember the name, but it was horrible anyways. think i left it by some plant pot. but the carvery was nice, bit of turkey, bit of ham, good times. ey, is it just me or is ham like frowned upon. i just think its the word ham. if i ask someone what they had for tea n they say ham i sorta go 'oh right' i duno what it is, its just one of those foods.

i was thinking about how i look today, and wondering if in 3 years time when i finish uni, will i look much different. like will my face look different? i hope so sort of. i guess ill just look more old. few more wrinkles, few grey hairs. i dont mind grey hairs, i recon itd be sweet to have like white/grey hair as a kid. i dont really care if i go bald either. i mean, people expect it. if you see an old guy with loads of hair you think 'that looks odd' so they sorta stick out. i dont wanna stick out. if i go bald, im bald, n i recon it looks alrite. as long as im not bald all over like some big shiny ball. i want a bit of hair to mess around with.

and another four;

''Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.''

good that innit. found it on my igoogle page. i like igoogle. ive started reading my horoscopes everyday, but most the time i dont even understand them. they beat around the bush. and i was thinking like, do they ever repeat? like the one i read today, could just be a repeat from like 3 years ago, no1s gonna notice are they? meh. anyways, aint done much today. tried packing a few bits but it was too hard cause there was stuff i was still sorta using.

i just got a new background. its some star wars one. its pretty sweet though. i got star wars lego the other day, the game, not actuall lego. althought i used to love lego. i remember it was one of those days were you can take your own toys into school, so i took loads of lego in. it was this space set that id only just bought for like 25 quid or something. so it had a spaceship in and a buggie, and loads of little men. anyways, i got distracted, and left all my lego outside on the wall. and when i went to collect it, it had been mixed in with all the schools crappy lego. so i asked the teacher for it back, and she thought i was lying. my mum had to come in and everything. i think thats the only time my parents have had to come into school. except for the time when i nearly lost my finger in a little scrap. so i snitched and he got in trouble. i was made up, he was a gimp.

here's the picture anyways, good innit:

five days to go;

it is now five days to go til i move away for university, so i thought it was about time i set one of these things up. hopefully ill stick with it, and put up a new blog as much as i can. i cant say whats gonna be written down on here. i just always think of things, and then i want to see what people think about what im thinking. so a bit of feedback would be nice now n then. so what can i put in my first blog? what have i been thinking about lately.

getting old. i went the pub today with me nan and me mum. an as usual, when we go somewhere, there's a massive party of people, which means we had to wait about an hour for our food. which didnt bother me. but knowing my food was on the way, made me hungry. before we ordered, i was fine, werent even hungry. i thought that was weird. and it was horrible because i was tryna make everyone just forget about the food, an have a normal conversation, but alls i could think about was 'wheres my bloody food.' so that didnt work. so we just sat and waited. anyways, it came, n it was alright. good food. but after we finished out meal n that, all the old people started going out for smokes. now when i say old, i mean old. it took some woman about 5 minutes to get outside. and she didnt even have her smokes. another woman had to carry them for her. i just dont get it. why do people that old still smoke? my mum had gone the toilet an me an me nan just looked at each other an shook our heads. i just duno how a woman who can hardly walk can be bothered goin out for a smoke. pack it in. an also, the helper who was with them, started chatting up my nan. now normally its the other way around, my nans a right flirt, isnt every nan? but nah, she even looked at me after he'd spoke an said 'why do i get spoken to everywhere i go?' im not surprised though, he werent the most handsome of chaps.

i told my nan i never wanna get to the stage were you cant even function without somebody helping you. when i start to get like that, shoot me. just cant be bothered with the messin around.