berlin, berlin;

so depressing they named it twice. nah, it werent depressing. just a little sad for the first day or two. we didnt get there til about 12, which meant we hadnt got any sleep the night before. think i slept on the plane for bout half an hour, which was nice. i loved the plane journey btw, i didnt think i would. i thought id be terrified. i even bought big earphones so people knew i was listening to music and wouldnt disturb me. but these ended up being a nuisance and just gettin in the way, im sticking to my little ones. but yea the flight/s were sweet. i seemed to get a good buzz from it which was nice. do something that scares you once a day, i wish i could afford to go on a plane everyday. duno where id go though.

but berlin was nice. when we got there we went to the jewish museum, straight to the point. and to be honest i was a bit dissapointed. we had to pay to get in, which is a bit rubbish, n then there wasnt really anything in there. just a few photographs and old singer sowing machines. if i had to open a jewish museum it wouldnt look like this. i duno what i would want. just something a bit more, painful. it all felt very pleasant walking around. there wasnt a lot that shocked me, or made me feel sad. there was one room that was just a big open black dark room with the light frm outside shining through windows above. n this woulda been nice, but people kept openin the door and coming in, so it was never fully pitch black. annoyin. anyways the next day we went to typography of terrors. now this was sad. sad enough that it actually made me cry. and in a way, this is what i wanted out of the whole experience. we get to this place, and see part of the berlin wall still standing, which werent too sad. but then there was a building absolutely covered in bullet holes, or just damage from nearby expolosions. but it was horrible. the whole thing felt wrong, very wrong. i couldnt help but picture people being lined up and shot against this wall. typography of terrors was were the gestapo and ss were based, it was their headquarters. jews were tortured here, killed. its still something i dont even like talking about. i think itll play a big part in my life seeing this. i can only guess that its something you have to experience for yourself.

the next day berlin started lookin a lot more rich. the areas id walked around hadnt looked too posh, and this was another reason which gave that depressed feeling. but we went to an art gallery, which only had classical art in. its not really my thing. it seems only old people like it now. i was wondering if in 100 years there'll be no classical art in the galleries, itll all just be chopped in half cows and unmade beds. i hope not. there was a few rembrandts and a few carravagio's, so these were nice to see. after that we were free to do what we want so we pottered about. the metro system worked very well, although there was these stupid men down there tryna sell you tickets for 1 euro. they stay there all day, i duno how they make a living.

the last day a woman shouted 'are you english?' to me an lauren. so we turned around, thinking that finally we were about to be useful in berlin, n then she just shoves this postcard in my hands. n the first line i read was 'im from bosnia and i have no money...' n i just thought, bluddy hell. cause then i had to stand there n read the rest of the postcard, knowing that she just wanted to money, and wondering how i was going to get out of this one. anyways i only have like 80cents in my pocket, i got lucky. but then lauren gave her like 3 euros n i was like :O and then! as we said our goodbyes, she friggin smiled at me with gold teeth! gold bluddy teeth! about 4 of them. i couldnt believe it. i well and truly got done. by probably the smartest tramp in berlin.