heaven or hell;

you know that little riddle question about the gates to heaven or hell, well its been doin my head in. the riddle goes 'there are 2 gates, both identical, each guarded by an identical man. one leads to heaven, one to hell. obviously you want to get to heaven. one man always tells the truth, and the other always lies. you have one question to ask. what dyou ask?' ... now i was first told about this when listenin to ricky gervais, n after finishin listenin to it, i thought i understood it. but ive been thinking about it again lately, and i havnt got a clue! its rackin me brains (is that the sayin) i dunno. ive looked it up, and apparently the answer is this..

'you ask either one, if i were to ask the other man ''which way is heaven'' which way would he point'

right, now the problem im having with that is, lets say i ask the one who tells the truth, he's gonna know that the liers gotta lie, so lets also say that the truth guy is guarding heaven, so i ask the truth guy, and he knows the lier is gonna say that heaven is behind his door (the liers door)
right! so! if i ask the lier what truth will say, he'll be forced to lie, and point behind him again. so what the hell?!? do you just go for the door that doesnt get pointed to? yes!! thats it!!! is it?!?!


goldilocks said...

You ask them "is my name ___?"
the lier says no
:) easy