new moon;

well, i went to see it last night. midnight opening and all.. so i thought id better write about it now, whilst its still fresh in my mind. chances are what i say now i wont agree with after a second watching, but here it goes:

overall, it was a good film. it got an 8/10. i was asked what i thought about it as soon as we got out of the pictures and i didnt know what to say, so i just said eight. the storyline was changed in some parts. bits added, bits taken out, you know the drill. which was sort of annoying. there were some really cheesy scenes. like *SPOILER?* theres this scene of when aro reads alices mind to see bella as a vampire in the future, and seriously, this shot comes on of edward and bella running through the woods and she glitters a little. i mean wtf? no need for that at all. couldnt they have just shown bella in her dress looking all beautiful with red eyes and glittery skin? a dark shot. instead, edwards wearing a little cardigan. honestly they looked like hobbits. near the beginning they also added a scene were bella actually gets on some guys bike, for a ''spin'' ahh it just was not needed.

the acting was same as the first really. some bad bits, but overall not bad. i was surprised at how good jacob was in this film. i mean, this is his film, and he did it justice definately. he'll probably get annoying in the next one, for obvious reasons, but we'll see.

ok the volturi. wow. absolutely amazing. seriously well done. it was perfect. the scene where they look at that painting and it comes alive and then you see aro rip that guys heads off. seriously, those chairs!! and the long black coats and the red eyes. humans are boring.

favourite scene has to be the wolf chase. with the thom yorke song. it was amazing. couldnt have pictured it with any other song really. the tracks called 'hearing damage.'

i think im gonna go have to see it again. ill update this, this reviews poor.