Out on the road Dean and Ed Dunkel were playing basketball with Dodie's ball and a bucket nailed on a lamppost. I joined in. Then we turned to feats of athletic prowess. Dean completely amazed me. He had Ed and me hold a bar of iron up to our waists, and just standing there he popped right over it, holding his heels. 'Go ahead, raise it.' We kept raising it till it was chest-high. Still he jumped over it with ease. Then he tried the running broad jump and did at least twenty feet and more. Then I raced him down the road. I can do the hundred in 10:5. He passed me like the wind. As we ran I had a mad vision of Dean running through all of life just like that - his bony face out thrust to life, his arms pumping, his brow sweating, his legs twinkling like Groucho Marx, yelling, 'Yes! Yes, man, you sure can go!' But nobody could go as fast as he could, and that's the truth.