whats on tv;

nothing. absolutely nothing. not when you get up at half 8 in the morning anyways. i literally scanned the channels all morning not finding anything worth watching, apart from frasier maybe but even then that got boring. (sorry frasier)
then i clicked onto the music channels which to put it simply were disgusting. there's no good music out at all at the moment, not pop stuff that gets played on tv anyways. there was an arctic monkeys song, i dunno if its new or not, it was ok like, never really been a big fan of theres, think they're sorta hoggin the zutons sound a bit now though. but then after that one okish song, nothing. honestly, i had to sit and watch a madina lake video, just so i could see which band it was at the end, and i can honestly say if you like that band, you are wrong in the head. they're just the weirdest most awful looking band i've ever watched or heard. the next best thing on was george michael, but i'm hardly in the mood for a bit of george. anyways i gave in in the end and decided to read. then the neighbour started playing r'n'b, and kids on the other side started screamin, honestly it was like being back at fairfield. i came home hoping to get some peace and quiet, i've hardly had any.

john mayer is improving my life a lot lately, if you haven't heard of him/listened to his stuff i suggest you do, you might as well check him out. if you're into blues/acoustic? honestly i think the mans a legend and i'm really loving his music, best tracks are 'gravity' 'slow dancing in a burning room' and 'stop this train'