windsor castle;

the news is rubbish today. nothing good happening. i have the bbc site as my homepage, and i like going on and seeing whats going on in the world today, but there's nothing good today. just stuff about the stock market, which doesnt really interest me. it should do, cause i know it will effect me, but i dont understand it all. maybe i should learn. i do know that the stock market collapsed in america in 1929 i think. learnt that in some lecture the other day. i remember it now, but will i remember that in like 20 years time? its like french, i knew loads when i was at school, but i only know a few words now.

i think if your going to learn a language, you should visit the country for a few months, and then your forced to speak it, so you'll get better. even thought i hardly knew any french, when i went to paris, i started to remember all these words and sentences, so by the end of the week, i was able to ask for a pint of beer please, and then say thank you. simple stuff i know, but the man behind the bar was very impressed and said tres bien (very good) i think i tipped him.

i started to learn german a few weeks ago, but like everything else, i lost my interest a little, and havnt learnt any new words in the past month or so. i hate the way im like that. i have a short attention span sometimes, or is it a long one? cause im writing this blog now, and there's nothing else i want to do. i think thats cause im a bit bored though. there's nothing to do in uni. but with long term things, like paintings for example, i dont think a painting should take you more than a week. im not really into photorealism, so i like to paint really fast and messy, but sometimes i still slow down and end up spending ages on one part.

im off to windsor tonight to stay with my auntie and uncle, and ofcorse little dave the dog. it used to be called curtis but my uncle changed his name to dave. ive heard that dogs dont really know what your saying, its just the tone of your voice that they recognise, but curtis is different to dave, so he must have been confused for a bit. he's one of those dogs that humps everything. i think dogs are more horny because they dont wear pants. if every human walked around naked, there'd be more sex probably. just a guess.