the willow tree;

well, well, well; hello. its been a while. ive been in winchester 2 weeks and one day now, and its still going nicely :) ive had such a good day today. didnt get up til about half 12, an then me n rob went to take pictures for my project around winchester. we tried to find a quicker way back to our halls but we had no luck. but the sun was shining, the ducks were out, the mothers were with their kids in the playground, it was all just really nice.

we stopped off in a pub on the way back called 'the willow tree.' it was so nice and peaceful in there. we were gona get food but it was like a tennar for a meal, so we just got a drink. but the beer garden went like all the way down to a point in the grass, and you were sat between two streams, which were full off ducks. n it was nice cause rob phoned his mate, n i just sat there and took in everything around me. i watched a little bird tweet for ages, and i was tryna listen for a reply cause it seemed to be shouting for its mate, but i couldnt hear one. n then far in the distance i noticed a kestral or something just hovering about.

i watched these two ducks for a while aswell, and it was amazing. like its amazing to think that ducks fall in love and probably stay with each other all the time until they die. animals are so alike to humans. i hate people who mistreat animals. even nature. kids that rip up flowers. well parents that allow their kids to pick up flowers. really pisses me off. everythings alive. even books. i remember someone told me that, and ive believed it since.

ive been living off rubbish food really, but its gettin healthier. i keep just having jacket potatoes, and we discovered that our special oven microwaves actually work. so alot of pizza's been goin down. i havn't really been out into town that much. just been having nice nights in. few beers, maybe a film. i watched a film the other night with rob called TARNATION. if you havnt seen it, watch it now, its amazing, and its still on my head.

this is long, i promise ill keep this blog up to date;