2 + 2 = 5;

im surprised they didnt get sued for naming the song that, but its an interesting idea. cause like i know 2 does actually equal 2, but who's the say that? its like that whole thing of 'ohhh fu#! the rules, anarchyy!' im not really into all that stuff. i think punk died a long time ago, dont see why people are tryna bring it back, leave it in the past.

went to town today to say my goodbyes to a few mates. was nice like. there were loads of police in lime street station, n a few of them had guns. normal police men must get pissed off cause they only get a little can of pepper spray, n maybe a batton? but these guys had full on mp5's or something. i was tryna see what gun it was, tryna recognise it off call of duty, but i had no luck. i felt a bit weird standin in the station aswell cause i had this big tube thing and it looked a bit suspicious. but no1 questioned me about it so i was alright.

anyways, its 2 days away now, well one, cause its gona past midnight. im gettin a bit scared now. not scared, just like, its hard to describe. sorta feel like when its comin up to christmas, like the night before. and your so excited, but your sad aswell. cause you know the day after 2moro, christmas will have been and gone. well it will be boxing day. i actually prefer boxing day. its much more relaxed, just feels nicer. the tvs normally alrite aswell. cause all the mad stuff happens on the saturday in the soaps, n you go to bed thinkin 'aww whats goin on?' n then it all gets resolved on the boxing day. the only soap i watch now is eastenders really. dunno why. it just seems to be the best one on.