three; three; three;

cant believe its only 3 days away. come on come on, lets just get rid of em an let me be there!! no offence to people like, but ive just been waiting for months to get there, an now its only 3 days away its just teasin me.

just been for a nice family meal at some carvery place. i like carveries cause im the type of person who wants his plate to be too full, rather than too little. i hate it when you only get small portions. at my uncles wedding they had those canopy things or however ya say it, n they were nice like, but too small. they also had that drink that you put all the bits of fruit with. cant remember the name, but it was horrible anyways. think i left it by some plant pot. but the carvery was nice, bit of turkey, bit of ham, good times. ey, is it just me or is ham like frowned upon. i just think its the word ham. if i ask someone what they had for tea n they say ham i sorta go 'oh right' i duno what it is, its just one of those foods.

i was thinking about how i look today, and wondering if in 3 years time when i finish uni, will i look much different. like will my face look different? i hope so sort of. i guess ill just look more old. few more wrinkles, few grey hairs. i dont mind grey hairs, i recon itd be sweet to have like white/grey hair as a kid. i dont really care if i go bald either. i mean, people expect it. if you see an old guy with loads of hair you think 'that looks odd' so they sorta stick out. i dont wanna stick out. if i go bald, im bald, n i recon it looks alrite. as long as im not bald all over like some big shiny ball. i want a bit of hair to mess around with.