five days to go;

it is now five days to go til i move away for university, so i thought it was about time i set one of these things up. hopefully ill stick with it, and put up a new blog as much as i can. i cant say whats gonna be written down on here. i just always think of things, and then i want to see what people think about what im thinking. so a bit of feedback would be nice now n then. so what can i put in my first blog? what have i been thinking about lately.

getting old. i went the pub today with me nan and me mum. an as usual, when we go somewhere, there's a massive party of people, which means we had to wait about an hour for our food. which didnt bother me. but knowing my food was on the way, made me hungry. before we ordered, i was fine, werent even hungry. i thought that was weird. and it was horrible because i was tryna make everyone just forget about the food, an have a normal conversation, but alls i could think about was 'wheres my bloody food.' so that didnt work. so we just sat and waited. anyways, it came, n it was alright. good food. but after we finished out meal n that, all the old people started going out for smokes. now when i say old, i mean old. it took some woman about 5 minutes to get outside. and she didnt even have her smokes. another woman had to carry them for her. i just dont get it. why do people that old still smoke? my mum had gone the toilet an me an me nan just looked at each other an shook our heads. i just duno how a woman who can hardly walk can be bothered goin out for a smoke. pack it in. an also, the helper who was with them, started chatting up my nan. now normally its the other way around, my nans a right flirt, isnt every nan? but nah, she even looked at me after he'd spoke an said 'why do i get spoken to everywhere i go?' im not surprised though, he werent the most handsome of chaps.

i told my nan i never wanna get to the stage were you cant even function without somebody helping you. when i start to get like that, shoot me. just cant be bothered with the messin around.