didn't even get to one;

but im here, and its sweet. got here yesterday. unpacked an that, said goodbye to my parents, which when better then i expected really. i hate saying goodbyes to people. my sister cried when i said goodbye to her in my house, and she nearly got me going, but i held it back. but it was ok with my parents cause there was just so much stuff to do. so once theyd gone, i came back to my room, and began to unpack. and now, i can safely say, my room is proper sweet. its like my front room at home, just everything i need in one small space, even got a window with a nice view and the occasional rabbit grazing in the grass.

just been out then like, home already though. i was in one of those moods were you just cant/dont wanna get drunk. im always in those moods. and a girl ive been speaking to was a bit drunk, and didnt feel to good, so me n her and another girl walked back here n just went to bed like. i quite like being in my room. i dont really think ill get lonely in here, i have too much stuff to entertain me.

i have my first day at uni tomorrow, so im excited about that. happy that i didnt really stay out late tonight cause of that reason aswell. didnt wanna feel like crap on my first day of uni. anyways, so far so good. it still all feels like a holiday. like it feels as if in a week ill be back at home or something, but no no, im here. it'll sink in one day.

everton 0 - 2 liverpool......... sweet ;)