not last night but the night before, i had a dream, probably the most graphic dream i've ever had, that one of my bottom teeth fell out. well, it was loose, n then i pulled it out. looked it up, and it says this is probably the most common nightmare people have. sorta annoyed me. but anyways, it was a good dream. it actually took me a day to realise i'd had it, n then i couldn't believe that it wasn't true. if that makes sense. this site said it related to caring about your body image, dunno if thats true. ive been thinking about buying really nice clothing an changing my hair, so maybe the meaning is true? i even remember pulling a face in the mirror and thinking how i'd always wanted to have a tooth missing, just to look a bit different, but when i actually looked in the mirror, i no longer wanted a gap in my bottom teeth.

i dunno what it is lately but i just cant think of things to write about on here. i really want to get back into blogging but there's just nothing going on really for me to talk about. work, work, reading, doing the dishes, work. and works still rubbish, but im closer to the end. the books still fantastic (american psycho) and ive got around 50 pages left, gonna finish that later. and what can i say about doing the dishes?

meteor shower last night, didn't see any of it. bluddy showers overhead like all of south england, just my luck. if i still lived in liverpool the north west woulda had showers. instead i just went on flickr and looked at peoples uploads of it, pretty nice!

i thought about what i might do after uni the other day. and i was thinking of going into teaching. well it has sorta always been my intention to do a teaching course after the 3 years, cause id like to teach when im older. but i dont really wanna teach when im like 25-30 (the children years) so i was thinking of doing a teaching course, and a night course in french, and then hopefully move to france to teach for a little while. i definately want to move out of the uk for a year or two after uni, and france seems like my favourite choice. hope blogger still exists in 3 years so i can blog when im in france.

thats all i have to say.