american psycho;

hey! i said i'd put a post up on here, so here it is!

so, im in winchester, im my new house at fairfield road, its all pretty sweet so far. its mainly me alex emma and tabreez at the moment, but lauren basically lives here aswell, an sometimes i live at her house just 5 minutes away. the house is nice. nice road, nice area, nice cats. the neighbours are alright too. so yea its goin ok so far.

im workin at beales, in the coffee shop. its basically like bhs. like an old persons shop. so the coffee shop is more or less full of old people, so you'd think it would be pretty quiet and nice. but lets just say its a bloody nightmare. i actually hate going to work. like, loads of people moan about their jobs, especially the english, cause we already like to moan. but seriously, i feel like i have reason to moan so much. it is awful. we dont stop, i go in at half 9, n literally dont stop til 5. i get a poor half hour break, in which i cant even read one chapter of a book, and its a crap lunch cause i know ill have to get back to makin coffees anytime soon. and thats another thing, im meant to enjoy my days off that i do get from work (i work 4 days a week, so i get 3 off) but when im off, alls i think about is 'ohh ive got work tomorrow.' its horrible. on wednesday, i just couldnt be bothered, was about to throw the towel in or whatever that saying is, but if i can just stick it out til my contract runs out (8th sept) ill have quite a lot of money to last me til christmas or whatever. i think i can do it, i just dont want to.

im really into reading at the moment. that list really inspired me to get going at the top 100, n then i bought a bookmark with the top 50 on. so thats another thing i do on my days off. basically just go round all the charity shops lookin for these top 50-100 books. got about 20 of em so far probably, its just findin the time to read the bloody things, in between work, tiredness, xbox and socialness. im reading american psycho at the moment ^ its really really good, would definately recommend it to anyone! its not in the top 100 or anything, but i really loved the film and have wanted to read the book for ages. eventually picked up a copy at cancer research ;)

i cant think of much else to write. other than both my neighbours have cats, and one of them seems scared of me, but it proper looks like one of my mates. i never know what to think about cats. they come across as quite intelligent. definately more so than the dog. but if theyre intelligent why does this one keep runnin away from me? took some pictures of them before anyways, up on me flickr if you want a look.

ill write something else on here when there's something good to talk about. this is twaddle.