finished reading lord of the flies today! was one of those books that i didn't really want to put down, and with it only being 200 pages, you know the end is always near. anyways i thought it was great. really really interesting. i think its one of those books that you definately! should read when your at a younger age. probably want to introduce this to my kids when theyre about 10-11. i think it has important issues in it that may come up from time to time as your a kid. hope my kids dont get lost on a desert island though. i thought the characters were amazing. i like ralph, i liked piggy, i even like jack. they all had qualities in them that were likeable. i think i liked ralph the most, but he was a little blind at times to issues other than the fire. but i guess at the end of the book, he was right all along. i think it was very haunting the way the hunters became outright killers, especially piggys death, the visual image was not very nice.

i kept noticing links to the american tv series LOST. first the fact that theyre on an island, then that one is called jack. and then the relationship jack has with locke sort of reflected ralph and jacks relationship. especially with locke being a keen hunter. then there was the parachute that fell from the sky, this too happened in lost. very interesting. the writers of lost must be fans of the book.

its a book that will stay in my head for a long time. im off to start joseph conrads heart of darkness now, hope ralph doesnt keep popping into my head.