life of pi; and inglorious basterds;

just finished reading life of pi, and today i went to see inglorious basterds. first i will talk about the book:

a really enjoyable read, finished it fairly quickly which proves my interest in it. must say i preferred the first half of the book to the second. the first few chapters touch on some interesting stuff, zoology, religion, and parenthood to name a few. i held the book in my hands and felt that here was a book i could learn a few things from. i started thinking about what being agnostic really means? and just because i dont feel the need to be a christian, does not mean i would not feel the need to be a Muslim.

i still don't know what to label myself, and I'm not in the right time of my life to have a serious think about it. for the past 5-6 years I've quite happily labelled myself as agnostic, but what does that even mean? i wont go into it. but i am aware of other religions, and would like to get to know a bit more about them, before i announce myself as a firm atheist.

learning about animals at pondicherry zoo was also very interesting. how piscine puts things into perspective. you should not feel sorry for animals at a zoo. they are not under any threat, apart from human visitors, they are territorial, meaning they like sticking to one place and having routine, not being under a constant threat of attack, and a fresh food source is dropped into their cage/pen/tank every day. why would they want to be out in the wild? i'd never thought of it that way before. i mean i wasn't one of these people wearing t-shirts saying 'free the animals' but just a week a two ago i questioned buying a rat because i thought it would be cruel to keep it in such a small cage.

i liked the book, just expected the bit where he was alone at sea (apart from the animals) to last a bit longer, but then i guess that was the whole plot to the book. maybe i just found the religion bit too interesting.

as for the film, inglorious basterds. what can i say? i feel like the only two words i can use to describe it are: f*%ck!ng amazing! and i hate swearing. but seriously, its that good, it'll make you want to say those words. its been a while since i've been to a cinema and came out feeling like i've just seen the best film ever made. (its not, i prefer other films) but its definately in the top 20-30, and thats something. it looks like tarantino is back on top. a fact that i am more than happy about. inglorious basterds; a complete and utter roller coaster ride of shock, suspense, remorse, and pleasure for every single emotion imaginable.