it seems the bbc, or Qi, have got something against canada. well not in a serious 'someone should sue!' sense, but more a 'what the hell, 2 days on the run, why?' yesterday, and today, the 'fact of the day that' i read on my bbc homepage every day has been about canada. not just canada as a country, but canada and their wars.

just read this:

The four Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan on 18th April 2002, were the first Canadians to die in combat for more than 50 years. They were accidentally bombed by an American F16.

In a national anthem survey, 79% of Americans know the first line of the 'Star-Spangled Banner', but only 37% of Canadians know the first line to 'Oh, Canada', which is really pathetic considering the first line of 'Oh, Canada' is 'Oh, Canada'. JAY LENO

ok, and im trying to find yesterdays one, but having no luck. anyways, it was of a similar subject. think it was to do with civil wars. what i want to know is why? 2 days on the run? seriously? its like theyre making out its a bad thing that canada is not particularly known for its wars. ISN'T THAT A GOOD THING? jesus christ, i know when im older, i want to live in a country like canada! i dont want to go to war. i dont want to hear about war. i dont want to see war. on the other hand, i find it interesting and humourous in the strangest sense of the word, the fact that it was an american war ship that shot them down. oh almighty america!